Schools, School Camps and Social Groups

Schools (daytime sessions)
What we do.
We don’t just provide a planetarium with seriously awesome and educational movies, we provide a fun and interactive, hands on, all things space presentation/show. We can bring STEM to your students in a new way they can ponder and enjoy!
Importantly, our planetarium movies have been chosen with teacher support to connect year level appropriate films with the Victorian curriculum.

How does the dome experience inspire young minds?
Our 5-meter inflatable dome is designed to comfortably fit 20 students, immersing them in a 360-degree experience of sound and sight. The documentaries are visually stunning, entertaining and informative.

How sessions are run.
Up to 40 kids per session – 1-1.5 hours total.

The group is divided in half and swaps at halfway.                                                                        One group heads into the planetarium to watch a movie.                                                            The second group will go to an interactive presentation.
This will include age appropriate activities, such as:
– How telescopes work
– How the sun and moon interact with the earth, and how planets reflect the sun
– Use inflatable planets as props
– Learn how gyros work on satellites in space
– How magnets work and how magnets protects our earth
– How light gets split up into a spectrum – how they can tell what the stars are made up of from the spectrum.


School Camps

We will show you all the spots of interest via a laser guided talk in conjunction with 3 state of the art telescopes, one that will be taking photos of deep sky objects or a planet and displaying them in real time.
A 5 meter planetarium dome – (2 options indoor or outdoor dome)
In case of bad weather – we provide an age appropriate, interactive space presentation  (please see above) to replace guided tour and telescopes.
Duration of sessions and program are flexible depending on the needs of the group.

For all three activities please call for a price.