Program, duration and prices

How the evening is run…..
1. Planetarium:
Firstly, we go into the planetarium which is a 5 meter – 360 degree dome, with visually stunning, entertaining and informative documentaries.  Duration – ½ hours
2. Stargazing with guided tour and telescopes:
Next, we head over to the viewing area for a laser guided tour of the night sky, with an in-depth look into the cosmos in conjunction with state-of-the-art telescopes – 1 hour.
3. Observatory:
We then enter my 3.5 meter private observatory where we use a 150mm Esprit APO triplet refracting telescope to take an image or two of some deep space objects – about 45 mins.
$200 for the first 2 people, $25 for each extra person. We only take one booking per night, therefore you’ll be the only ones present.
Hot drinks and snacks provided.
Please wear warm clothing and warm footwear, and we don’t discourage bringing a blanket.
P.S Please be aware that we are a privately owned business. Not a government funded establishment.