Mission Statement.

Here at Phillip Island Observatory we provide the best facilities and equipment possible to help make sure that the joy of learning about the awesomeness of the cosmos is as infectious and entertaining for you as it is for us! We also pride ourselves with being completely up-to-date with all things “spacey”.


Who can participate?

We take bookings from

  • School excursions or incursions.
  • Private booking starting from 1 person to 15 people.
  • Work break up’s/bonding sessions.
  • Community organisations of all sizes.
  • Birthdays (We do provide gift certificates)

It’s probably best if children are over 5, but with small private groups it’s completely up to you. With larger groups, unless your all very familiar with each others children I wouldn’t suggest children under 8 years of age (but of coarse there’s always exceptions to the status quo)


The image bellow was taken at our Observatory in Rhyll, Phillip Island. Every night we endeavor to get an image from the evening you join us and email it to you as a special memento.

Picture saved with settings embedded.
This is an image of the Trifid Nebula (Messer 20) in the constellation of Sagittarius.